Skin cancer incidence is increasing in Nebraska and we are doing our part to promote public awareness, early diagnosis and prompt treatment of skin cancers in Nebraska. It is important that you understand what these skin screening visits are.

NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ® and Pathology Services, P.C. do not have you fill out a complete history of your past medical illnesses at this visit. Several short forms, including insurance, HIPAA, Privacy Notice, etc. will need to be completed prior to you being seen by a healthcare provider. The purpose of this visit is basically to give you a quick check to advise you if anything needs to be done right now with one or two solitary lesions that you are concerned about. Your screening visit is not intended to be a visit for a comprehensive skin examination or treatment of your skin condition or skin lesion(s). A professional fee will be charged for the skin cancer screening.

If your skin lesion(s) needs more evaluation and possible treatment and if you do not currently have a Nebraska primary care physician, Pathology Services, P.C. will refer you to Nebraska physicians and medical groups who are accepting new patients.

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